Old Town and the Bangor Region: Workforce & Education

Labor Market

Unemployment rates in Old Town are lower than regional and national rates. Old Town also benefits from a large labor market, with over 77,000 workers within 30 miles of the City and about 178,000 within about 60 miles.

Labor Force - 2010

Old Town

Bangor MSA


Civilian Labor Force4,07370,933153,889,000
Unemployed Rate7.10%7.60%9.60%

Source: Maine.gov - www.maine.gov/labor/cwri/index.html

Regional Labor Force - Estimates

30 Miles

45 Miles

60 Miles

Civilian Labor Force77,000119,000178,000

Source: ESRI Drive Times - Base Data from American Community Survey  2005-2009 Estimates


Old Town's business climate benefits from skilled workers yet affordable wages. The average wage in Old Town is below that of the Bangor MSA and below that of the U.S (73% of the U.S. average).

Average Annual Wages - 2011

Old Town

Bangor MSA


Average Annual Wage$38,400$40,100$52,400

Source: EMSI (http://www.economicmodeling.com/

Commuter Data

Workers who work at Old Town businesses commute from all over the community. The majority are either Old Town residents (approximately 22%) or reside in the City of Bangor (about 15%).

Where Workers Live Who Are Employed in Old Town - 2009




Old Town City 64422.20% 
Bangor City 44515.30% 
Brewer City147 5.10% 
Orono CDP134 4.60% 
Milford CDP110 3.80% 
All Other Locations 1,42049.10% 



Source: OnTheMap (http://lehdmap.did.census.gov/)

Education Attainment

Old Town offers an intelligent, highly skilled, well educated workforce. Over 30% of our residents hold a bachelor's degree or higher, and over 13% hold a graduate degree or higher.

Education Attainment - 2010

 Population 25 Years and Over

Old Town

Bangor MSA


% With No High School Degree

 8.4% 10.4%14.9% 

% With High School Degree Only

 35.1%36.7% 29.0% 

% With Some College

 15.4% 20.0% 20.6%
% With Associates Degree Only 10.5%9.5% 7.5% 
% With Bachelors Degree Only 17.1%14.9% 17.6% 
% With Graduate Degree or Higher 13.5%8.5% 10.3% 
Total 100% 100% 100%

Source: U.S. Census Bureau, 2006-2010 American Community Survey (http://factfinder2.census.gov/main.html)

Higher Education

First-rate educational facilities and institutions provide Old Town's business community with a highly-educated workforce. Old Town's labor force includes graduates from the University of Maine, Hudson, Beal College, New England School of Communications, and Bangor Theological Seminary.

As one of New England's premier universities, the University of Maine offers students a wide variety of programs and opportunities with 88 bachelor's degree programs, 70 master's degree programs, and 30 doctoral programs. With a mission to lead, create, build, and move the state forward, students are encouraged to start businesses that will provide future students and Maine residents with inspiration, jobs, and success. http://www.umaine.edu/

Located in Bangor, Husson is referred to as a university in a college setting. Students are prepared for the workforce with a broad education rooted in marketable skills necessary for success in current and emerging fields. http://www.husson.edu/

Eastern Maine Commuity College in Bangor offers over 30 one- and two-year program options, as well as short term and specialized training and retraining courses for business, industry and community. http://www.emcc.edu

Beal College is a private, locally owned career college whose institutional objective is to offer academic programs that are effective and career focused. Beal College is recognized throughout Maine for its excellence in education and continued provision of practical, hands-on career training in a personal and friendly environment. http://www.bealcollege.edu/

The New England School of Communications is a small college located in the City of Bangor. It offers Bachelor of Science degrees in Communications Technology, Entertainment Production and in Media Studies. http://www.nescom.edu/

As the only accredited graduate school of religion in northern New England, Bangor Theological Seminary is an ecumenical seminary in the Congregational tradition of the United Church of Christ. Degree program include Master of Divinity, Master of Arts, and Doctorial of Ministry with curriculum spanning religion, spirituality, theology, social justice, world religions, and more. http://www.bts.edu/

K-12 Education

K-12 education is provided by Regional School Unit #34, which serves the communities of Alton, Bradley, and Old Town. The school is currently undertaking a $5.3 million dollar construction project for the construction of a new science and art wing. Once completed, this project with modernize science teaching infrastructure, eliminate the need for portable classrooms, and increase the size and art teaching space. RSU #34