Doing Business in Old Town

Old Town makes it happen!

We are proud of our progressive business environment, the foundation of which is built on strong relationships between local and regional business owners, developers, political leaders, and other stakeholders from the private, public, and non-profit sectors.

Our business community is defined by:

  • A welcoming environment that fosters creativity and innovation  
  • A full-service community with excellent transportation, water/wastewater, and telecommunication infrastructure with excess capacity for development
  • 'One-stop-shopping' at City Hall offers an easy-to-navigate development/permitting process with a well-informed staff ready to get your project moving

Old Town has aggressively worked with existing and new business to help make their visions a reality. For example, City officials worked with Johnson Outdoors to provide them a no-interest loan and tax increment financing. In a similar fashion, the City was able to assist Labree's Bakery to overcome permitting questions on their recent expansion, which significantly increased their production and market share.

Explore the links below to find out for yourself why Old Town is a great place to do business.